In the vertical of tunneling, Aalberts integrated piping systems has had more then 40 years of experience and is therefore recognized as a world leader in the design and manufacturing of mechanical piping components, especially due to its groove connection technology. We offer some of the most advanced piping components available today for the mining and tunnel boring industry, and featuring faster and easier installation, safety (no flame), versatility and proven reliability. 

Aalberts integrated piping systems offers Grooved, Hole-Cut, Plain-end, Ring Joint, Flanged and Shoulder components for use with a variety of piping materials and service applications including: water, air, fire protection, slurry, tailings & backfill, process piping, dewatering, chemical, fuel, and many more.

The combined offering from our valve, connection, piping and fastening technologies, together with our design services, emphasizes our unique portfolio.

Test 2

refrerence case

In order to build a new highway across a mountain range in Taiwan, some tunnelling was required. The Shu hua Highway is the main road connecting the Taiwanese communities of Su’ao and Hualien. A part of the tunnel  is built alongside some very steep cliffs high above the Pacific Ocean. However, because of its rough terrain, the road is often closed due to heavy rain, typhoons, or landslides, sometimes leading to injuries and deaths. The longest tunnel is 7.9 km long on the middle section near the Guanyin area.

VSH Shurjoint manufactures locally in Taiwan, which enabled the project costs to stay within budget. Furthermore, Aalberts integrated piping systems was able to accommodate any last minute changes that the client had on site, unlike the competition from outside Taiwan. The Aalberts integrated piping systems APAC HQ is based in Taiwan and the client was very happy with the technical support received from the Aalberts IPS staff, both in the Kaohsiung office and from Hong Kong when needed.