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sustainable spirit


we minimise material and energy usage in all our own processes and activities, as well as in processes and activities serving our customers. We take responsibility for our entire value cycle


choosing materials and substances that don’t cause ecological damage is essential. We avoid any unnecessary natural resource exhaustion and replace unsustainable energy sources with environmentally sound ones.


we close material loops by reusing and recycling. Residuals not suitable to reuse or recycle are offered for energy recovery. Residual heat is a great resource to heat our buildings

minimise consumption


choose sustainable materials and energy

recycle all residuals

our sustainable conviction

We believe there is no magic technology or machine that will save the planet overnight. But there are many inventions being made or have yet to be imagined, that can cut down waste, introduce efficiencies, and contribute to a greener society. At Aalberts integrated piping systems, that’s music to our ears, because that’s what we do. 

Aalberts integrated piping systems takes care of our planet and adjusts its working methods and production methods in such a way that the impact on our planet is kept as low as possible. For instance, we reuse waste and other materials during our production processes. 

Our production locations are generally close to our customers, so that the transport movements of our products remain at an acceptable level. Our buildings also meet the requirements for sustainable buildings, our location in Zeewolde (the Netherlands) for example has received the BREEAM Good certificate. Furthermore, various business locations have been equipped with solar collectors for the generation of sustainable energy. 

our sustainable stories